Prepping for Zero

Have you ever thought about closing up your wallet and just stop spending?

I have thought about this quite a bit recently. I have felt like I needed to really stop and figure out where our funds were being used. Clearly I still need to pay the bills, but how much do I spend that I don’t have to?

Just as I was contemplating what I could do to reduce some of our spending, I saw that Ruth Soukup at is running a 31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero month in October. I immediately signed up.

I received the preparation document on how to get ready. One of the items is to not stock up on anything which sort of goes against my normal thought process but the point of this exercise is not to transfer the spending from another month, it is to spend less! I thought about this and also thought that it makes sense to me so I’m going to try it.

One area I really want to concentrate on, is food. Not just the food we splurge on for lunch or a quick bite here and there but general grocery shopping.

As a part of my preparation I am trying more to bring lunch with me to work. My office is very lucky to have a cafeteria on site where I can purchase very reasonably priced food for lunch. I have been purchasing sandwiches through there almost daily as it seemed to be reasonable enough to make sense. Now as a part of my preparation I am working on lessening that and finding other ways to bring my lunch.

I have always struggled with bringing lunch to school or work. I am not big on sandwiches that sit in my lunchbox for hours getting soggy andleftovers have been a struggle for several reasons, they sometimes are a little boring (after all I did just eat it the night before), or I haven’t made enough to actually make it for lunch the next day.

My plan is to develop a meal plan that is more flavorful and break away from the same meals we always make. I have wanted to get into meal planning for a while now and see this as my big opportunity to push for it. Planning ahead will help cut down on grocery costs as I won’t be trying to figure out the week of food the night before I shop, or even worse at the grocery store.

I should also be able to pare down some costs by wasting less. There are some days that I over estimate how much food we need and then we do not eat through it all before it spoils.

I have begun to gather up the recipes I would like to do for October and even some freezer meals I would like to try out. If I am able to prep more meals for later in the month at the beginning of the month that should help cut even more.

Do you do any meal planning? I would love to hear about how you make it work.

Did you sign up for the 31 Days of Living Well Spending Zero? Let me know I would love to chat about what you are doing to achieve this goal.


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