Trying to catch up, when you are doing too much

My to do list has been getting out of control! I am barely crossing one thing off my list and write down two or three more. I have tried to brain dump and just get overloaded with what is in front of me. I have so much that I just want to get done but can’t seem to figure out what my first step needs to be.

Ok, take a breath and back away from the pen and paper. Stop and think, what can I do RIGHT now. The bags can be packed for tomorrow, pick out the outfits for the boys and set the coffee up. Great! I am feeling better already. Ok, now what can I get done, recycling, done!

Getting things off your list can be as simple as that but we all know these are not the only things that need to be done. There are so many things running through your head, I know I am there with you. Getting these simple tasks done and out of the way helps me create the brain space I need to work on the bigger items without (ok, with less) distraction.

I have found that if I can stop worrying about the little things like the dirty dishes all over my kitchen. The dishwasher was full and running so we were not able to load the dishes as we finished dinner like we usually do, so yes this is on my mind right now. Keeping order where I can helps me remain focused and less stressed.

So how do you find order when there is just so much chaos? I did the quick things that I could check off my list, then moved to the next thing that I could just do, but what happens when you have now spent your only 20 minutes available on cleaning the dishes up because it was the low hanging fruit and you don’t have time to clip the coupons before you head to the store.

Sometimes just checking things off your list makes it more difficult to complete the important things. When you just focus on what the next thing is, you lose track of the priorities. Although I am feeling overwhelmed with all the things on my list, my priorities are the same, I am simply adding too many things to do, that probably can wait.

I have been working on redoing my priorities list so that I can focus better on the must dos and start to let things go a bit. What are the MOST important things in my life right now that require my attention – I need these to practically smack me in the face every day right now so that I make sure to build the rest of my day to be purposeful for these things.

I am working on making sure that my daily goals and to-dos are focused around the big picture I am working to paint. This reorganization will help me let go of all those little things. Lets face it, making sure that the cupboard doors are all closed is not really going to help me write my blog posts any better, even though I would like to think it would.

Are you focusing too much on the little things and losing the time you need to be do actually working on the important things? How can you refocus yourself to let the little things go?


One thought on “Trying to catch up, when you are doing too much

  1. Maybe its the time of year or just what all moms think about but I’ve been focusing on priorities and my to do list too. I’m not putting daily chores on my list anymore. They are not a priority and it’s daily stuff that naturally has to be done to keep the week going. My important things like bills, kids school events, and doctors appointments are on my list. My other list is what I want to do not need to and a lot of it gets left all week undone. My wants are crochet, knit, see, blog, dream, and imagine. I am able to take that step outside and water my garden even if that means dinner is gonna wait 10 mins because I need that time of peace. I have dishes that need to be put away and some that need to be cleaned in the sink but I’m here reading and commenting. I can do the dishes next time I’m in the kitchen. There just isn’t time for all we want but I’m trying lol.

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