Product Review – Presse by Bobble

COFFEE!!! Sorry, didn’t know where else to start this post, I just love my coffee, and it had to be known up front. I recently received a FREE Presse by Bobble for testing and review through GenerationGood. I was really intrigued because I have always heard great things about making coffee with a french press and how amazing the flavor is (Thanks Mom!). I even have a french press but I must admit I have never used it, mostly because I would need to make the coffee and then transfer it to another cup to drink. The Presse is also travel mug!!!!

20151016_184849 20151016_184911 20151009_084516

Upon arrival I cleaned it up so that I could use it the next day. It was a really simple clean as the parts separated easily and I was able to hand wash quickly. *Note!* This entire cup is actually top rack dishwasher safe, I hand-washed the first time because I wanted it available faster than my next dishwasher run would allow.

Here are my pros:

  • Brews a strong cup of coffee (YAY!)
  • Stays cool to the touch with essentially 3 walls between your hands and the hot stuff!
  • Contents stay warm for hours (I had coffee on my desk for over 4 hours and it was still warm, not hot but definitely not chilled)
  • No Slip Grip bottom of the cup


  • The top is a silicone top so it can get pretty warm on its own
  • The edges of the insert are a bit sharp, not knife sharp but I won’t be drinking directly from it for sure
  • The ring at the bottom of the insert to keep the seal tight is not fixed, I have some concerns for over time how this will wear and well as if anything will get trapped under it

Lessons to be learned:

  • Don’t transport coffee grounds in the cup to brew elsewhere, it gets a bit messy to open and add water

Overall I am really pleased with this and I plan to continue using it.

20151016_184906 20151016_184953 20151016_18485320151016_184856

*Please note the links in this post are affiliate links and I may be compensated for your purchase. Thank you!


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