Real Life Religion

I just finished the book God for the Rest of Us by Vince Antonucci. Tyndale House Publishers has provided me with a complimentary copy of this book, but the review is completely my own opinion. I was initially intrigued by the title and description of the book, but sucked in my the very first chapter.

Vince is not your typical Christian pastor. The way he brings the idea of God for all is amazing. He has had some unconventional ways of spreading the word and helping people find forgiveness. I can only imagine what it would be like to actually talk with him.

His style of writing just pulls you in with his quips about life. I could not help but laugh when I read his first note at the bottom of the page. The examples he bring to religion are far from what you would ever compare but that hammers home his point even more.

Vince takes you though various types of people and explains a story (or two) about someone he met and showed them the way with God. Taking it to extremes where people have often questioned if they were worthy but also the “everyday” folk just trying to figure it all out. I was deep into the book before I even realized how much he was retelling stories of the Bible and bringing them to the light of modern day experiences.

Not even done reading the book I was already making a list in my head of people I want to pass this book on to. I was just touched at having someone tell stories that spoke so clearly to my thoughts. I know that religion is often difficult for people to discuss because it can be a point of conflict or a sensitive beliefs; but why? I know that religion is serious, don’t get me wrong but why is it so difficult for people to allow others to think their own way? I know I have had a few heated discussions myself on the topic, misunderstandings can happen so quickly.

This book really brought perspective on the basics of the Bible as well as Jesus. I highly recommend checking the book out, especially if you have ever felt that God was not for you.

God for the Rest of Us: Experience Unbelievable Love, Unlimited Hope, and Uncommon Grace

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