Sometimes you need to forget the schedule

I love a schedule. Knowing when something needs to happen sometimes brings me the simplest peace. I struggle on the days that my 3 year old decides to take 20 minutes to put on his socks, or deciding whether or not he wants to change his underpants, or… well you get it. These setbacks in my schedule can easily ruffle my feathers. I easily get sucked into a mindset of what must be done and when it must be. What I end up missing out on in these situations is the silliness of my 3 year old and his peculiar determination of underwear specifications.

Eating cereal for breakfast
Eating cereal for breakfast

Being a working mom I often feel like I am missing out on things and stretched for time to get it all done. I get the kids up in the morning and get them ready then we are off to school and I head to the gym for a quick workout and get ready for work (this is actually a time saver in itself, really), work all day then it is back to school to pick up the kids head home, eat dinner and then it is time to start getting ready for bed…wait, where did the day just go?

So how do I balance this need to have the plan all figured out and not miss out on all the fun in life?

I am still figuring this out. but one thing is for sure, I am learning. The other day we arrived home it was still a nice enough day and we ended up playing outside for quite a while. My 3 year old was so excited to just run around. He challenged everyone to a race, he thinks he is the fastest don’t you just love the mind of a child! We had so much fun in that short amount of time I really made me think about what other ways can we work in more of that fun.

So excited to be running around outside, chasing his big brother
So excited to be running around outside, chasing his big brother

It won’t always be so spontaneous but when it is, that is okay with me. I still need to be able to get the basics done and get sleep in there somewhere but I am making more effort not to rush rush rush anymore. Not to mention coming into these winter months I will end up snuggled up in the house so much more and so I am reminding myself to go out and enjoy the nicer weather for the short time we have left with it this year, it will seem like a long time before it returns.

Snuggles before bed
Snuggles before bed

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